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Epi[K]urean Investment Partners LLP (EIP LLP) is a leading investment management firm, specializing in hotels, residential villas, hospitality and leisure real estate. Epi[K]urean seeks to provide its investment partners with returns & opportunities that closely align the interests of both investors and investment managers alike.

The firm’s vision is to leverage on its breadth of experience in deal sourcing, asset management and monetisation of investment opportunities, with a focus on emerging and developing global markets.

Epi[K]urean brings its partners the following key value propositions:


Epi[K]urean has considerable experience and knowledge of the leisure and hospitality industries. Epi[K]urean has developed and nurtured a team of investment professionals with significant sector-specific experience and real estate investment management expertise, this is combined with strong relationships with leading corporations, brands, institutions and high net-worth individuals world-wide.


Epi[K]urean businesses specialize in asset-backed investing, with an emphasis on leisure and hospitality related industries.


Epi[K]urean has refined a set of tools for assessing operational, structural and strategic challenges. This expertise allows Epi[K]urean to engage in and extract value from complex investments in a simplified but effective way. Strategies and structures can be existing or tailor-made, some of which include: disposal mandates, restructuring via asset management, debt re-structuring and value creation to eventual exit.

Epi[K]urean’s proven track record is borne of a pioneering spirit. The firm’s proven investment strategies target assets that deliver both income and capital growth. As the name suggests, Epi[K]urean offers services to clients and partners with both stability and agility at the core, whilst remaining true to our epicurean roots.




Review of and provide assistance in the design and planning of the project facilities in cooperation with the designers, consultants, and other specialists and suppliers as required, and advice on:

Concept Designs, which will include a clear description of the overall concept and operational layout of the project.

Brief the Owner and its professional consultants on the operational requirements for the property, including but not limited to current space allocations, basic facilities and service requirements, and list of specialists and minimum operating requirements

Area Requirement and Layouts for:

  •  Guest accommodation
  •  Service and other public areas
  •  Service areas
  •  Staff facilities
  •  Sports and recreation facilities
  •  Back of the house and other support facilities
  •  Retail Shop
  •  Wellness or Spa Area
  •  Kitchen Design, Laundry, Landscaping, Finishing of floor, wall and ceiling treatments, all fittings, sanitary wares etc., in all areas, Staff uniform designs
  •  Graphics, Design & Artworks


Preparation of the Pre-opening budget and financial forecast for the first year of the project operations.

  • Working capital calculations, accounting and purchasing policies.
  • Preparation of manning guides and recruitment schedules, personnel administration plans, staffing tables, salary and benefit.
  •  Schemes, personnel policies and staff regulations.
  • Preparation of operating policies based on the operating concept for all operating departments. To endeavor to work out concepts which are less labor intensive but still effective.
  • Preparation of a Marketing and Sales Action Plan which would include amongst other features: pricing, proposed advertising campaigns, identification of potential markets for the property and customer groups.
  • Preparation of brochures and other promotional materials, and graphic design.
  • Planning and assistance with pre-opening public relations activities.
  • Preparation of pre-opening operational documents and guidelines material that will ensure the quality and standard of the property.
  • Advice on the negotiation of leases, licenses and concession contracts.
  • Tests of the operations of the project.


Preparation of a detailed project operation’s FF&E (Furniture, Fixture & Equipment) list for the consideration of the Developer/Designers/Consultant, and will also advise on:

  • All special systems, such as CCTV, Fire Alarm, Telephone & PABX, Paging, Computer software and hardware, Point of Sales, MATV & Satellite dish, Audio & Visual, Keying, and other tenant services and items required in the property.
  • Review and comment from a hotel operator’s perspective on the final system plans and specifications submitted by the appointed mechanical consultant for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, drainage, power supply and distribution, general lighting, alarm, radio, television, telecommunication and public address systems.
  • Review and comment on the quality, quantity, specifications and installation of furnishings and fittings, and on the preliminary and final lists of furnishings and fittings.
  • Operating equipment, such as all chinaware, glassware, cutlery, linen, utensils, etc.
  • Heavy operating Equipment such as kitchen, laundry, M&E etc. • Identifying best sources of supply for all capital equipment and consumable, and advising in tendering, analyzing bids and selection.


At various design and construction phases of the Project, Directors of Epikurean will attend meetings with the various agencies working on the Project. During the construction phase they will make site visits as required for the purposes of inspecting overall construction and fitting out of the property


For a period of up to 18 months from the effective date of the management agreement, there is a flat monthly fee. Every month beyond this period, and up to the official opening of the project, will be charged at a reduced fee


Full property management consists of identifying key objectives for the property and implementation through the unit’s General Manager. This includes accounting, administration, cost control, maintenance, sales and marketing and concept implementation


Epi[K]urean provides full property management which consists of identifying key objectives for the property and implementation through the unit General Manager. This includes the following sections


Direction of financial controls, banking and accounting to the standards of the “Uniform System of Accounts”. Provide monthly financial reports, detailed by department, including a statement showing Gross Revenue and Gross Operating Profit of the property in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts. Deliver a draft results of the operation of the property during Fiscal Years to the Independent Accountant for audit, including: a profit and loss account, a balance sheet, a statement of changes in the financial position etc.


Setting out and implementation of cost controls and purchasing controls appropriate for the operation of the property.


Control & supervision of the budgeting process, including:

  • Annual budget prior to the commencement of each fiscal Year
  • Projections for the forthcoming Fiscal Year of the Gross Revenues of the property, Operating Expenses and Gross Operating Profit;
  • Cash flow and working capital requirements;
  • A budget for the purchase and replacement of FF&E (Furniture, Fixture & Equipment) and the Repairs & Renewals Reserve;
  • A budget for Necessary Capital Expenditure and Recommended Capital Expenditure;
  • A human resources budget to include expenditure by department for all salaries, wages, remuneration and fringe benefits etc.


Placing of qualified management staff for the property and coordinating their efforts to implement the management company’s policies.


On-going recruitment, training and staff related. Ensuring that the property’s staffing is adequate, job specifications and descriptions followed at all times and for all staff positions, motivate staff and improve staff discipline, salaries and wages, benefit etc.


Supervise, direct and control on behalf of owner, the day-to-day affairs of the property and related operations to agreed budgets and standard


Twice a year an external professional will conduct a deep and detail study and audit the property, in terms of Epi[K]urean and international Best practices, Standards, policies and procedures that ensures that the quality of the product and service of the property will always be improving and evolving.


Keeping and up-dating of all insurance and licenses, on behalf of the owner.


Planning and direction of all plant operations, repair and maintenance routines and management and control of the energy and utility needs of the property.


Reviewing the physical plant of the property and to make recommendations on improvements or changes which will generate more income or improve operating efficiency. This is done through regular operational audits of the property.


Supervision, coordination and management of the property’s sales force and coordination with the group’s marketing activities.

Planning and implementation of all Marketing, Sales and PR activities, through Epikurean’s sales network and offices worldwide with our associated company Adsum Tourism Services, a world leading company in representation services in Sales, Marketing & PR within the tourism industry, with more than 10 years experience in the representation of luxury hotels, Destination Management Companies and destinations; with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Nice, Milan, Munich, London, Stockholm, Cape Town, New York, Moscow, Melbourne, Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo




When selling a Lifestyle Experience, we believe that state of art modern marketing techniques, networking & Public Relations is a more effective means of promotion.

All Public Relations Offices arrange press visits to Epikurean properties, distribute press releases that originate from head office, and maintain excellent relationships with our target media.

Epikurean Executives make frequent presentations to media in support of the Public Relations efforts.

Our aim is to maximize the efforts in PR by contributing with an extensive advertorial presence in key international media, securing an advertising value with no advertising investment



Epikurean properties are unique and by differentiating and creating unique experiences, we are able to achieve the projected average rates and occupancies. Total Revenue per Available room is our key performance indicator.


Epi[K]urean Sales offices are world leading company in Sales, Marketing & PR in the luxury tourism industry, with more than 15 years experience. Through it’s international sales offices, Epikurean has a global know-how of the market and of the continuing changing trends.



Sales, Marketing, PR & Communication through a “Corporate representation”: providing Epikurean with an extension of their Sales & Marketing team under your own corporate identity, with dedicated telephone lines and e-mails.

  • Market analysis
  • Tailored Action Plans and Marketing strategies
  • Contracting with Tour Operators
  • Road Shows and product presentations
  • Work shops, seminars and clients events
  • Sales calls and e-mailing
  • Development of niche markets
  • Development of MICE market
  • Fam Trips and Press Trips
  • Presence in major trade shows
  • Press releases
  • Advertorial coverage

In sum, we ensure the positioning of Epikurean’s product and services driven by a main goal: increase sales



  • Australia
  • Iberia (Spain & Portugal)
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Nordic (Sweden, Finland, Norway & Denmark)
  • UK
  • USA




Core purpose: to enable Epikurean to be present, gain a higher relevance and increase business in those markets of interest.

  • Aim: to offer creative and dynamic solutions adapted to the particular needs of Epikurean .
  • Methodology: to provide Epikurean an extension of their team with local know-how, in the local language and physical presence


Epi[K]urean properties can be accessed through all major systems, including Apollo, Sabre, and Amadeus. Each property is carefully evaluated to determine which access affiliation is most appropriate, given the property’s target markets and location.



Epikurean directors have close and healthy relationships with travel agents and tour operators that feature and specialize in the niche markets to which Epikurean appeals the most.



Our website is our main vehicle and a centralized booking engine. This offers a B2B and B2C segments along with strategic partners for any Epikurean properties.

Visitors can review every resort in detail, download information, images, review restaurant and spa menus, check rates and the latest packages, and make on-line reservations utilizing secure payment portals


Epi[K]kurean properties are unique. Emphasis is placed in developing a Lifestyle brand and positioning the property with the support of relevant consumers prior to opening. By differentiating and creating unique experiences, we are able to achieve the projected turn over.

Pre-Sales of Residential Villas are normally immediately upon completion of design, construction and fit out of mock up villas, typically 12 to 18 months prior to opening.


  • Development of overall sales strategy.
  • Establish and Advise Villa Sales Structure with the owners for Domestic and Foreign owners.
  • Establish the Villa & Residential Pre-Sales budget for the owners which is supported by key strategies, activities per market covering Public Relations, Sales and Marketing activities, trade shows, road shows, events and parties for buyers, staffing and remuneration plans.
  • Establishing desired sales network, including the management of key agents or master agents in the desired markets.
  • Development of Marketing collateral and tools including Models, Brochures, Electronic Marketing, Website for Residential Sales and any electronic or print media.
  • Establish links to Villa Sales Affiliations and database, including management of usage of such database.
  • Establishing the launch strategy including the management of events by any third parties globally or in the desired source markets.
  • Manage and implement the PR strategy including the organization of familiarization Press Trips for targeted journalists and all follow up press releases or information required.
  • Organize Show Rooms if required, establish partners to provide showroom spaces in International markets.
  • Manage and Operate the entire sales flow cycle from sourcing and obtaining interested buyers, the negotiation process, show arounds and any follow ups with agents or villa buyers directly



Our Culinary division is composed by the sum of experiences of international Chefs from East to West of the globe.


Every Epi[K]urean Spa is a Comfort Space with key elements of natural surroundings… space… personalized attention… selective products… and thoughtful experiences.

We offer a comprehensive menu of treatments that includes several results based therapies that will greatly enhance and rejuvenate our guests sense of well being and energy levels.

The holistically integrated wellness menu consists of spa, fitness, and nutrition, along with innovative anti-aging treatments and where appropriate some medical elements. In addition we will be conducting fitness and other exciting retreats during the year using international coaches and our destination resort spaces as the perfect locations, stay tuned for our retreat calendar out soon.

Epi[K]urean Spas are about results and a personalized service to ensure we give you the result that you are looking for, even if it’s just to relax and be pampered we want to ensure that we deliver on our promise, not to mention that tad bit of fun aspect for all our outdoor retreat adventure lovers.

“Indulging and Enhancing the art of Good Living”.


Brand Manifesto


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