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Increasingly we find project owners frustrated by the perceived lack of value provided by Hospitality Management companies, high fees, poor follow up and a general lack of performance.

By engaging ‘Asia Advisory’ services, property owners are able to maintain their individuality while the control over project planning and development provides them with bespoke and tailor made solutions adapted to their location, market and needs.

Increasingly, owners are in need of better performing mixed-used Resort Development, Leisure Real Estate, Hotel Asset.

Under our advisory services, Owners can create their own independent brand identity – created by the owners, we would propose sales and marketing solutions, unless the owner decide to select a brand operator. This service is also available.

Owners are also seeing another distinctive advantage of working with us (Asia Advisory) in that it allows a more direct communication with the decision-makers, which also gives them a stronger say in project planning matters.

Overall, this model allows the property owners to realize their aspiration, set and achieve the same quality standards of established brands, elevate the positioning and image of their property, while maintaining its essence and uniqueness – in a cost-effective manner.



Asia Advisory Services gives owners a viable alternative to project planning and development.

  • The ability to design and build their own hotel/resort to international standards without the burden of a long term contract and excessive fees
  • We provide hotel/resort sales and marketing solutions at international standard level.
  •  This professional oversight gives owners the flexibility to manage/operate their assets at significantly reduced cost.

Project advisory

Project advisory is not rocket science


Changing project advisory paradigm

  • Traditional business models are being challenged and superseded by dynamic new comers
  • At the heart of this change is software systems that deliver results without the need for traditional infrastructure.
  • The current Project Management model needs to also reinvent itself.
  • The model must deliver results and if results cannot be achieved then both parties need the flexibility to move on. 


We have the systems, standards and network necessary to present a concept for your hotel/resort at an international standard.




An effective and integrated marketing program is one of the cornerstones of success of any property.

We establish marketing accountability and brand awareness through a cooperative effort between reservations/marketing representation, ad agency, public relations, corporate office and the hotel

This allows the unique character and lifestyle of the hotel to take center stage and resonate with its target demographic.

We have experience collaborating with high-end boutique public relations firms as well as creative agencies to refine the public image of its properties.

We work with a cadre of firms that are chosen based on the unique characteristics of each hotel.

We have a mentality that “one  size does not fit all” and since we are here to build “A brand” that is the focus of our approach.

Our e-commerce efforts are based on industry-leading best practices and are centered on strategies that produce some of the highest ratios of direct versus indirect web bookings in the industry for independent hotels (40:60).

This is accomplished through partnering with some of the best technology providers in the industry and proprietary cutting edge Internet marketing strategies / processes (SEO, SMO, PPC, CGM). 


Our experience in the hospitality industry, has given us extensive data on numerous markets.

We are able to benchmark performance, and advise clients where areas of potential improvement are.


Key areas of Expertise:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Asset Management Infrastructure Management
  • Recreation Club Operations
  • Marina Operations
  • Project Management and Feasibility Studies
  • Service/Quality Audits
  • Brand Review
  • Operational Performance & Profit Improvement Assessment
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development
  • Property/Hotel Interim Management
  • Pre-Openings, Start Ups

With a broad range of experience throughout Asia Pacific we are able drill down to core issues within an operation, and work to make the necessary changes to drive performance.

We are committed to working with all stakeholders to deliver results.

Jean-Paul Riby

Jean-Paul's professional experience has taken him from Europe to Asia.

He started his hospitality career in London with Hilton Hotels, before joining Intercontinental in Indonesia, and then moving to Vietnam with Six Senses and Bhutan with COMO.

Following which he became Opening General Manager for the famous Song Saa Private Island in the Kho Rong archipelago, Cambodia, which at the time was the only private island resort development in Asia.

TJ is the Founder and Managing Director of the Epikurean group of companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. He is the driving force behind the creative design of Epikurean’s projects in various regions, with a particular focus on Vietnam - currently Kauthara, Keystone & Phu Yen. He has over 20 years of experience in the development and management of luxury brands and manages over USD 200 million in turnover.

He has hands on experience as both a General Manager and Asset Manager of some of Vietnam’s best known luxury resorts. During his career he has also managed and marketed  all of Six Senses properties as both Managing Director & Business Development Director. Between 2010 and 2013 he also developed and managed 6 luxurybresorts in Vietnam, 4 in Thailand as well as Portugal and New Zealand.

TJ Grundl Hong

Alvaro Paredes

Alvaro Peredes is a partner in DesignLab, an international architecture and interior design firm with offices in Vietnam, Belgium and Spain. He is the lead architect and designer for Kauthara and has used his years of experience with luxury projects to create a new benchmark in luxury resorts with Kauthara.

Alvaro has a wide range of experience working on projects throughout the world including Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, India and the Pacific. In hospitality, he has designed hotels and villas with a range of high end operators including Aman, Hyatt, Cheval Blanc and Hilton. He has always welcomed the opportunity to study the local culture, using these elements to give to every project a taste of the site and of its history, but in a contemporary way.

Most significant projects he has worked on:

  • Grand Hyatt Lijiang Chin
  • Amanoi Vietnam
  • Mandarin Oriental Bali
  • Raffles Bali
  • Melia Cam Ranh Vietnam
  • MyMy Resort Vietnam
  • Chedi Alentejo Portugal
  • Holliday Inn resorts Phu Qu Vietnam