Epicurus believed that a life lived in pleasure was equal to that of the gods. We at Epi[K]urean invite you to indulge yourself in this art of good living through the pleasure of the eyes, the taste and the soul.

Epi[K]urean is a new generation of unique, expertly curated and crafted luxury resorts inspired by the lifestyle and sensibilities of the contemporary global traveler who believes in the Epicurean way of life. Each of our projects across the globe is unique and individual, with tremendous attention to detail in design and conceptualization. Whether it’s through moments and events, or the environment, the textures and subtle details, every Epi[K]urean Resort is crafted to the distinctive character of its local culture. Reflecting the rhythms and aesthetics of daily life, each is a unique destination for guests and locals alike.

We are dedicated to deliver a lifestyle of distinctive architecture and interior design, balanced with functionality and exceptional service to the epicurean in you, without compromise. Our establishments offer exceptional culinary, entertainment and accommodation experiences. Our rooms are large and provide travelers with a sumptuous level of comfort and service in exclusive destinations. These otherwise unattainable experiences ensure that our guests have access to the finest and rarest that the world has to offer.

An Epi[K]urean Resort isn’t defined by a universal style or a particular taste. It is a spirit, the tremendous details of customization and an energy, which brings our properties together. And it is this spirit that shapes our culture. Confident, convivial and full of character, our people take genuine pride in the service they deliver and delight in sharing their experience with others.


Epikurean Lifestyle


Epikurean Lifestyle properties are “Limited Edition” and “Signature“ properties, which will never be repeated, as they offer experiences or concepts that cannot be duplicated. For resorts or even city properties, they are “jewels of unique resorts or city retreats”, catering to the experienced world business traveler seeking unconventional, funky or contemporary properties during their city break or resort holidays. It is an evolution, focusing on service which is more about anticipating needs than just providing stylish designs, brand name amenities, and the coolest gadgets. Epikurean Lifestyle are best categorized into urban-cool-and-sexy concepts, which can be Modern & Signature, a strong direction towards rest, relaxation and wellness; Rare & Classic, or Avant-Garde & Off-Beat properties with an attitude of higher goals like: restoring a medieval fort, converting a building, a complete green private island, or refurbishment of a city hotel to the place to be for F&B. These are integral parts of hotel development rather than just an “ after thought” or “a clever selling point”. Regardless of the category, there is a strong focus towards rest and relaxation, holistic wellness or health, sensational culinary and entertainment with music, fine arts or events. Whether it be a Robinson Crusoe basic experience; an unique property catering to Buddhist retreats in Nepal; or whale watchers in Nicaragua; Epikurean aims for the best in service and design. The essence of this Epikurean Lifestyle is a property which can never be duplicated and made by people who have a story of their passion to tell.

Epikurean Lifestyle can be found in matured and key destinations, or in saturated destinations which are close to many other hotels and resorts. But since we design our provocative collection of hotels and resorts to be refreshing and extraordinary, we stand out from the other properties, whether we are on a busy beach, in a major city or on a an island.

We choose designers who are as experimental and progressive as we are; who are looking to please the modern traveler; who are tech-savvy; and who are interested state-of-the-art room amenities. Epikurean Lifestyle adheres to being original, inventive and masters in the cuisine, entertainment and personalized service


Epikurean Villas


Epikurean Villas are the embodiment of indulgence and enhancement of one’s basic needs and space. We go beyond a luxurious concept by providing the ultimate experience with otherwise unattainable service, in the finest and the most limited villas in the world. Epikurean’s higher objective with our Villas is to offer not just a space with a spectacular view, but to personalize each amazing experience from the next. Our on-demand butler service will have studied your private demands and will aspire to anticipate them to ensure you have a happy, tranquil stay, free of any pain or frustrations. Each visit to Epikurean Villas will differ from the last and the Epikurean team strives to make each memory your best memory.

Epikurean Villas are developed in pristine, tranquil remote locations, always surrounded by breathtaking natural elements. Our discerning travellers of the 21st century have stayed in many top-end small luxury resorts. They are sophisticated and extremely well travelled. We specialize in giving these travellers an experience of a lifetime and will encourage them to return to seek it again.

Our Villas are contemporary and modern with a strong local accent in our interiors. Our star in-house designers are eco-friendly and are experts in using sustainable and durable materials, which are low cost to maintain but create a fine unique balance of extremely well-crafted individual villas. Epikurean Villas also have a unique concept of a rental pool component, where Managed Sales Villas or Residential Villas are returned to the Resort for maintenance and management. Depending on locations, Epikurean Villas may have an Epikurean Private Residence component attached to this.


Epikurean Hideouts


Epikurean Hideouts are always known for our epic singular experience on Earth, surrounded by an isolated natural environment, a pristine backdrop and jaw-dropping views. Luxury here takes a different term; “it means that we have taken all necessary steps to make you feel at home and not want to leave”. Epikurean Hideouts are painstakingly designed to blend into nature whilst ensuring our sophisticated and discerning travelers’ needs are met. Aside from the incredible aesthetics, Epikurean Hideouts have a strong focus on extremely customized and personalized 24 hours butler service. It is about how much thought we put in making your marmalade, your detox morning juice, and your every need delivered without even asking for it. Because our travelers are normally “time poor”, Epikurean Hideout personal butlers ensure stays are struggle-and-frustration-free; and your space, time and environment is respected. We are artisans in accommodation, in service and in creating quintessential experiences to even the most discerning traveller.

Epikurean Hideouts originate from unsolicited, untouched, and surreal environments. We only develop in areas that are guaranteed to take your breath away and uniquely distinguished from other properties. It is a hideout to hideaway and be one with your surroundings, take a moment to enjoy the pleasures you have earned in your life.

Epikurean Hideouts’ spaces are created for a range of world travelers, successful professionals, and all forms of culturally sophisticated singles or couples. Villas are always designed with natural elements that blend into its intrinsic background, keeping its raw native environment. We pride ourselves in creating space with a lot of natural ventilation and leaving a very low carbon footprint. All Hideout Villas, 2 or 3 bedrooms come equipped with it’s own private pool, dedicated living and dining rooms, outdoor and indoor bathrooms, a large deck and exclusive in-room massage/spa area. We are creators of indulgent pleasures and personalized traveler moments in the privacy of your Hideout and/or our destination.


Epikurean Private Residences


Epikurean Private Residence are extraordinary dwelling spaces in their destinations and are designed for the intelligent, sophisticated and discerning travelers who have difficulty in finding great retreats on earth, practicing Epicureanism and the “Art of Life” and wanting to combine leisure investment with real estate investment. Epikurean Private Residences are not just Residential Sales Villas but Residences of international hotel luxury standards and a cool hotel concept. They have a distinctive identity; offering guests the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences, and as well simple ones whilst being able to invest in them with healthy returns.


Epikurean Hotel & Resorts


Epikurean managed Hotels and Resorts are about effortlessness and simplicity. We cater to every individual whether it is a business stay, rest and relaxation, or to explore somewhere new. We manage these properties to ensure each stay offers effortless service in larger deluxe Hotels and Resorts. We always offer our guests spacious rooms, superior levels of comfort, and create a sense of community while sharing special local know-how during our service. These managed properties specialize in providing not just stays but great experiences to our guests.

Epikurean Hotels and Resorts often are in destinations that are already developed but are lacking the infrastructure and space to become phenomenal. We are about creating the phenomenon by catering to those who know how to search for luxury online and save time and resources by finding exclusive and affordable packages in extremely properties and destinations.